Our story

Despite the building in our name, BBI is about people – not buildings.

Healthy, productive, creative, emotional, sensitive, inspiring, busy, curious, impulsive, unpredictable, collaborative or otherwise people.

People who, by the same token, spend around 90% of their lives in buildings.

BBI wants to rethink the design, funding and management of buildings. And uncover circular value chains between all stakeholders – who happen to be people as well.

The WELL standard broke new ground and helped to shift focus towards the human experience of the built environment. As with sustainability standards, early adoption by future thinkers produced the data. And the analysis, was good news:

We can improve health through better buildings.

We think that’s a great achievement by future thinkers, passionate about better buildings. This is what our members do every day. Bringing passion and innovation to new ways of doing better.

Improving health through better business

The business case is established: Healthy spaces, funded, designed and managed around health are better investments.

Though we spend most of our lives in them, our buildings are still considered as real assets first, and homes, workplaces, and community spaces, second. What if that were reversed? What is the impact on people and communities, when scaled up to for real change?

Our purpose is clear:

To improve everyday population health through better business.

Business has the power to cause immediate and widespread social impact. And, of course business is done by people.

And people are what we are all about.