Research programme

BBI supports research into improving population health through better funding, design and management of the built environment, and we are proud of our partnership with the Swiss research team based at EPFL in Lausanne, led by Dr Dusan Licina.

About the Project
H.O.B.E.L. seeks to provide unprecedented insights into IEQ characteristics in WELL and non-WELL certified buildings and their role in influencing occupant satisfaction and productivity.

The effort to understand the level of indoor air pollutants, thermal environment, lighting and acoustics is important not only for improving our scientific understanding of WELL-certified buildings, but ultimately to develop interventions to improve occupant health and productivity in the workplace. In particular, the project findings can directly inform the development of the WELLv2 standard which is expected to improve its quality and increase its adoption.

We generate open-access public actions through optimum impact journals and disseminate findings through presentations at conferences and connections within international agencies (ASHRAE, REHVA, ISIAQ) and the organization of international workshops.

Outreach to the non-scientific community includes dissemination of findings to commercial, social, environmental, policy making, and environmental standards stake holders.

For more information on what we do contact us through our contact form.