Greenbuild: link between SDG’s and building portfolios

Barack Obama at Greenbuild 2019

Important themes at Greenbuild, the largest yearly event on Sustainability, Health & WELL Being, concentrated around SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) and the link to building portfolio’s. On behalf of Blue Building Institute Dick Vink (Technical Director) attended Greenbuild in Atlanta this year. Vink: WELL portfolio which has been introduced recently, turns out to be a perfect framework for real estate entities to benchmark their projects with SDG’s. We will also initiate this for the Dutch portfolio’s. The SDG’s consist of 17 goals to make the world a better place in 2030. The SDG’s are set by the United Nations (VN) but were established through and for everybody in this line of business. Central theme at Greenbuild 2019 was the connection between buildings and Health and Wellbeing for all people living or working in those buildings. Barack Obama, former President of the US was one of the keynote speakers. Leaders with a clear vision on sustainability, health and Well being represented “A new living standard” at this conference which took place from 19-22 November in the Georgia World Congress of Atlanta. Other speakers were Jeanne Gang (Architect), Dr Bernice King (civil right and peace activist), Jaime Margolin (climat change activist) and Dr Marshall Shepherd (leading international expert on Weather & Climat). Vink: the speech of Barack Obama for an audience of 25,000 guests was very impressive. Blue Building Institute gathered  a lof of new knowledge and insights all directed to the improvement of resilience, vitality, individual health and well being in the built environment. Connections with e.g. IWBI, Delos, USGBC and GBCI were further strengthened and many important international connections were made.