Blue Building Institute : Ambitious plans for 2020

The 2020 programme aims to go further than ever before, fulfilling on our mission to make knowledge, education and research available to built environment stakeholders. 

Alexandra Jurgens-Boot

After three years of promoting better human health through healthy sustainable buildings, the themes of human and environmental wellbeing are in sharper focus than ever. 

“We are now ready for the next step and it is our duty to communicate to the market more frequently, the activities that keep us busy within the institute. For this reason we now launch the  newsletter and soon our new website” says Alexandra Jurgens-Boot, CEO.

Our 2020 knowledge platform will deliver round tables and panel sessions about new real estate funding, insurance and investment concepts, as well as technical and consultant led sessions reflecting innovation and new developments for wellbeing strategy. We will be engaging with our partners at MIPIM, Provada, Expo Real and GreenBuild Europe, alongside a full calendar of our own events.

Our research agenda will gather new evidence for wellbeing strategy in for real estate stakeholders, and will develop new digital tools for asset management, with regard to ESG and portfolio management considerations.

2020 also sees the launch of the Blue Building Academy, providing latest course material and practical knowledge on the WELL Standard and LEED to technical professionals, with SDG and ESG coaching and insights for investors and asset managers. We are excited to announce our ongoing partnership with IWBI, USGBC and GBCI as official European training partners, and will announce course dates for 2020 in the new year.