BBI Live

Leading the conversation and shaping the future. At BBI, we bring knowledge, research and innovation to a live audience at our industry meetups, networking events, and international leadership summits.

BBI partners enjoy regular access to game changing built environment professionals, inspirational thought leaders, clients, new partnerships, and fresh ideas.

We create speaking opportunities in the right spaces with the right people to inspire change and build a better business case for everything you do.

Think global, act local 

The hero event in the calendar is called Blueday: An annual international summit that brings the business community, non-profits and the finance sector together at the highest level of engagement. By making new connections between the built environment and population health, we can take a global view, act locally and embed lasting change.

Blueday will set the agenda as we take the conversation around the world from Amsterdam to London and New York, en routeto “Blueday Olympic” in Paris 2024.

BBI membership includes automatic delegate spaces at each Blueday summit, with enhanced networking and engagement opportunities at the most influential levels. Members also benefit from special discounted sponsorship packages at all of our ticket only events. And if you know your “thought leaders” from your “change makers”, we invite you to bring your insights to the curating process with us.

So, grab your toothbrush and join us on tour. The future is blue, and it has already started!

For more information on what we do contact us through our contact form.