Experience Exchange

BBI EXPERIENCE EXCHANGEWho would you like to meet?

Our mission is to connect stakeholders with knowledge, research and innovation in meaningful ways, to accelerate and upscale what is possible through new collaborations.

Whether you are a tech start up or an institutional investor, we believe that stopping every now and then to look up and share experience, is not just good for the soul but brings fresh, practical perspectives to doing business in better ways. BBI EXPERIENCE EXCHANGE connects two (or more) organisations at strategic level, to meet, share and collaborate. We arrange and plan senior leadership summits, manage personal invites, consult with both parties to set the agenda, chair the meetings, and coordinate follow ups. The rest is up to you! With as much assistance from us as you need … In everything we do at BBI, we embrace an approach based on system thinking. And connecting stakeholders who would never usually meet is part of that system thinking. We are not a dating service, but we can connect you with people who have been where you are going, or are heading there with you. So, take half a day off away from the day job, ask some questions, swap some ideas, and bring some innovation inspiration back in house for your own people to run with.
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