BBI Academy

At BBI, we have a passion for sharing knowledge. This is where the learning happens …

BBI is an official WELL Training Partner in Europe. Training to become a WELL AP (Accredited Professional) brings you into the international WELL community with all the support you need to get started.

Build your skillset through BBI ACADEMY and develop your professional network with direct access to health and wellbeing thought leaders in the Netherlands and internationally. Get a competitive edge in the wellbeing market place with up to date skills and resources. Upscale your client’s expectations and deliver added value through your services.

Be part of our trainer network

Or maybe you are able to lead from the front of the training room? If you are a part of the WELL Faculty, or would like to add “pro trainer” to your skillset, connect with us as part of our trainer network, and we will do the rest for you.

We handle enquires, take bookings, manage the training courses, and liaise with accreditation bodies, making life simple for everyone. You just bring the knowledge and a passion for training others!

For more information on what we do contact us through our contact form.