About us

Blue Building Institute (BBI) is a non-profit knowledge institute, platform and initiator on a mission to create a movement putting human health and wellbeing at the heart of the real estate value proposition. We do this together with our real estate-, consulting-, academic- and industry partners. Jointly we have the ambition to develop capacity in the market and uncover the value created by a healthy built environment.

The Blue Building Institute was launched in June 2016. As of 2018, Blue Building Institute is the local partner of the International Well Building Institute for The Netherlands. Together with the WELL Faculty Members, we are responsible for creating a training programme for all stakeholders interested in the WELL Building Standard and for professionals aiming to become WELL Accredited Professionsl (WELL AP).

Our educational activities

BBI offers the officially accredited WELL training courses together with WELL Faculty Members appointed by the IWBI. We also develop other training courses more focused on the business case of healthy buildings or on specific aspects of healthy environments. BBI can also provide in-house training on demand.

Our events

We organise public and private events for specific audiences, but always as a means to inspire and share our knowledge. We participate in national and international events by giving presentations, often together with our partners, taking part in high-quality panel discussions or present ourselves at exhibitions that target the same audience.

Our community

Since 2018, BBI is also open for memberships next to the partner structure. By creating a broad and open community of individuals, corporates and other organisations, BBI is including a diverse audience in the conversation and is able to reach and interact with individuals and organisations from all dimensions of the health and wellbeing spectrum. Please refer to the Community section of the website to enrol as a member and join our movement.

Our research agenda

In order to further develop knowledge on the effects of buildings on people and how this translates into the business case of a healthy building, practical reserach has to take place. BBI participates in several academic research initiatives and continuously interacts with academics from all over the world to build bridges between academic disciplines.