Advancing Human Sustainability
through the Built Environment

The Blue Building Institute
is a non profit, purpose led platform, funded by cross sector sponsorship support from industry and NGO partners.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve everyday population health, through the design, funding and management of the built environment. We serve the need to make human-centric, sustainable development decisions, easier and more accessible to real estate and built environment stakeholders.

Our vision

BBI’s vision is for a systems thinking approach that creates a circular value chain between people, planet and sustainable profit. This means a people first approach to the environment in which we spend 90% of our lives.

Our mission

To make knowledge, research and data available in a meaningful way. To foster collaboration and create opportunities to improve sustainable human health and business performance through better real asset management. 

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What we do

It’s our mission to bring stakeholders together to unveil the drivers behind each link of the real estate supply chain, to facilitate conversations which lead to new ways of thinking, realizing change both up and downstream. We bring organizations together that would otherwise never meet. To share experiences and establish new collaborations to take our relationship with buildings in a different direction. We are the nexus between business, non-profit sector, and investment, helping more blue building projects get started.

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